Prototype Construction
Professional Prototype Construction

Once the design is defined, the first prototype is developed. This means a great challenge for the engineers who have to develop the technical background of the design idea. Not only the ergonomics, the package and the effective functions of the vehicle must be constructed, but a multiplicity of technical requirements and demands must be checked and guaranteed.

By means of our network of reliable partners for necessary components such as Powertrain & Chassis Engineering, Electronic Control & User Interface and E-mobility & Vehicle Development, Creative Wave is well-positioned to manage the complex projects successfully.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping is an important part of modelling. Creative Wave is offering different processes, such as Stereolithographic 3D printing, laminated object manufacturing and vacuum moulding. With these techniques, prototypes can be built fast and cost effective.


Stereolithographic 3D printing offers the possibility to instantly obtain a solid freeform of different materials (i.e. rubber, Perspex, plastic) and achieve the highest accuracy for ultra-fine detailing.

Laminated object modelling & vacuum molding

Using previously milled forms out of PU foam, we can laminate any desired shape with absolute accuracy. Whether in carbon- or glasfibre, Creative Wave can build objects with integrated fixation points and a perfect surface finish. The vacuum molding machine can take objects of large scale (2500 mm x 2000 mm) and offers the possibility to realize transparent or colored objects fast and efficiently. Many years of experience in the area of laminate productions with experienced technical personnel guarantee Creative Wave the best results.