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Clay Modelling

Clay Modelling

Six Studios with high quality equipment and a custom light system are available for our clients to carry out the design process on full scale models with materials such as clay, PU, or others. Design and engineering are developed in a parallel process, supported by 3D scan systems and the latest 3d measuring tools in order to assure the best communication between departments. Automotive exterior or interior models, nautical or aerospace design models are quick painted or covered with Dynoc foil as well as assembled with trim and hardmodelling parts for presentations throughout the process.

A clay model is a 3D sculpture that allows the designer to search for the desired surfaces directly on the model. Using sketches, tapes and CAD information, the modeler and the designer are working together in order to create a new design. The experience and craftsmanship of the claymodelers and the skills and precision of the engineers are playing an important role to achieve the best results.

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Clay Modelling Workshops

Clay modelling is an important phase in the design process. Although 3D Virtual Reality is progressing rapidly, creating a clay model is still fundamental , especially when it comes to have a reference for an new exterior design.

With our parent company Design Consulting, we are offering structured and elaborated Clay modelling workshops for designers and modelers.The main target of the workshops is not only to teach the technique and craftsmanship of Clay modeling, but to understand the value of a clay model in the modern process of car design.Our experienced team has held the workshop in many different places worldwide and the response was overwhelming.

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